Manned Security

We offer a comprehensive range of courses, with the sole objective to protect, prevent and reduce loses to people, property and proprietary information of the client. We work with our clients on a partnership basis, designing and agreeing bespoke programs to meet individual requirements. We take time and trouble to discuss organizational and individual learning outcomes prior to recommending a solution. Our trainers are not tied to just one training methodology, but use a number of techniques, including formal inputs, indoor and outdoor experiential activities, psychometric tools, mentoring and coaching to reflect organizational culture, individual learning preferences, and desired outcomes. We are equally flexible in our service provision; programs can be run at client’s own premises, at our training institutes, or another convenient venue. This flexibility, coupled with our attention to detail and quality focus, ensures that our clients receive a level of service that always meets their requirement.

Apart from these we are willing and eager to design and implement new training courses for our internal as well as external clients as and when required. Our strength lies in preparing customized training programs for our clients on a short notice and delivering quality output at a place and time convenient to the client. Following is a list of categories under which we offer courses to our clients:

• Basic
• Refresher
• Specialized and
• Supervisory

  • Basic Courses

“All employees joining the Guarding Company, irrespective of their rank or appointment, will compulsorily attend the Basic Course. This course is of 30 days duration.

Aim and Objective

To enable the participants to carry out their duties, on any assignment, in an efficient and courteous manner, according to orders and instructions given to them by the employer.

  • Refresher Courses

The Training department half year visits every client’s location to provide all guards and head guards deployed on field duties a refresher course.

Aim and Objective

To build on the basic knowledge and experience gained by guard and head guards, employed in the guarding duties and to improve their skills and knowledge to provide error free service to our clients.
Specialized Courses

Depending upon the need of clients and organization, there will be demand for specialized training also. These training will be in addition to those recommended as training needs. They may be prescribed for all the regions or may be regions specific. They will accordingly be designed in consultation with the Operations Head, Manager Training and approved by Chief Executive Officer.
All inspectors / Supervisors will be required to attend one or more of these courses – Inspectors’ Security Management, Supervisors’ Security Management, and Function of Supervision Course within the first one year after joining. Thereafter they will have to attend it once in two years, at the respective Training Schools.

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